Initiatives taken to help workers get jobs in Malaysia

PUBLISHED: October 27, 2022


The Bangladesh High Commission in KL launched its own job portal titled 'Chakrir Khoj'

Bangladesh High Commissioner to Malaysia Md Golam Sarwar on Saturday said they have taken a number of initiatives with digital platforms like “Chakrir Khoj” to help migrant workers get rid of any middlemen or agents making the entire process transparent and getting jobs without any hassle.

“There’ll be no scope of fraudulence or getting cheated (by agents). We’ll remain careful always so that no one gets cheated,” he said while exchanging views with the members of the Diplomatic Correspondents Association, Bangladesh (DCAB) virtually.

Deputy High Commissioner Mohammad Khorshed A Khastagir and officials from various wings of the high commission also spoke at the program.

The Bangladesh High Commission in Kuala Lumpur recently launched the job portal “Chakrir Khoj” at a virtual event.

Expatriates’ Welfare and Overseas Employment Minister Imran Ahmad, attended it as the chief guest while State Minister for Foreign Affairs Md Shahriar Alam, MP, was the special guest.

High Commissioner Sarwar highlighted the various recent initiatives undertaken by the mission, aiming to benefit the Bangladeshi expatriates living in Malaysia.

Depicting the background, he said the portal will help undocumented Bangladeshi workers get jobs without a hassle.

Responding to a question, Sarwar said there may be efforts to spread a negative campaign by those whose interest would be hurt due to the direct communication between the workers and employers through the high commission.

He said the Labour Recalibration Program is in place that regularizes illegal immigrants in Malaysia as foreign workers who could be employed by the eligible employers.

The Labour Recalibration Program kicked off on November 16, 2020, in cooperation with the Department of Labour Peninsular Malaysia (JTKSM) and other Malaysian government agencies without the involvement of vendors or third parties.

“This program will continue until June 30 and it might get extended,” said the high commissioner, adding that only Bangladeshis in Malaysia can apply under the program now.

He said only 18,00 Bangladeshis applied in the first three months until February 16, while the High Commission had an expectation that it would be around 18 to 20 thousand.

The high commissioner reiterated his firm stance against agents or middlemen saying they will not give any access to agents to make it hassle free for the workers and maintain transparency.

Sarwar said their efforts will continue to keep migration legal and safe noting that there are over 1 million Bangladeshi workers in Malaysia now.

Talking about the initiative “Chakrir Khoj”, Deputy High Commissioner Khastagir said this will help build direct connection between the workers and employers instead of depending on middlemen who bring sufferings for the workers.

“Definitely, there are people who will try to manipulate it. But there's a regular monitoring system. We’ll analyse and fix it, if necessary,” he added.

There is a high demand for workers in the plantation sector apart from in the areas of agriculture and the manufacturing sector, said the High Commission.

Minister Imran Ahmad said the workers will be able to easily communicate with recruiters through this portal.

Also, he said, the new system will remove the middlemen from the recruitment process.

State Minister Shahriar Alam underscored the enormous contributions of the expatriates to the economy of Bangladesh and encouraged expatriates to use the platform to reap the benefits from it.

Deputy Director General of the Labour Department of Malaysia Mohd Asri Abd Wahab sought the high commission’s cooperation in making the ‘Recalibration Program’ a success.

MoEWOE Secretary Dr Ahmed Munirus Saleheen said the initiative aligns with “Digital Bangladesh” as committed by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.

Thousands of undocumented Bangladeshi expatriates will get jobs through this platform, he said.

The high commission’s tech partner Dotlines President Mahbubul Matin, a few recruiters and workers spoke on the occasion.

The portal will assist prospective employers and undocumented or overstayed Bangladesh nationals in Malaysia to participate in the recalibration program as declared by the government of Malaysia by providing them with a comprehensive online platform.

The portal will facilitate employers to find the right workers and provide the workers an opportunity to find suitable jobs.

Source: Dhaka Tribune